Dips for Kids: How to Get Even the Pickiest Eater to Eat

Dips for Kids

If you are struggling with getting your child to eat, try offering your child more foods he or she can dip. Kids love to interact with food. Let your child dip everything, if that’s what gets him or her excited to eat healthy.

She can dip chicken, steak or meatballs into ketchup, mustard, salad dressing- you name it! Don’t stop there! We have tons of ideas for you below.
Cut up fruit and veggies and serve up different dips for him or her to try. You can steam veggies and then serve the veggies with a dip. Try them all.
Kids can dip whole wheat crackers, cut up apple slices, snap peas, you name it.


Greek Yogurt or Plain Yogurt

Whole Milk Yogurt
Yogurt is a great dip option for fruits, veggies and proteins, especially spicy meats. Kids can dip all sorts of food into a yogurt dip. You can also flavor the yogurt by mixing yogurt with cucumbers, honey, almond butter, peanut butter, you name it!

Yogurt with Honey

Add honey until you reach the sweetness desired. You can add a little syrup for extra sweetness.

Add some honey to yogurt for a dip

Yogurt with Almond Butter or Peanut butter

Recipe: Mix: 2/3 Yogurt and 1/3 almond butter or peanut butter.

Yogurt and Almond Butter Dip

Yogurt with Cucumber and Dill

Yogurt with Cucumber and Dill

Check out the recipe for Yogurt with Cucumber and Dill dip

Curry Greek-Style Yogurt Dip

Curry Greek-Style Yogurt Dip
image credit: Skinny Ms.
Get the recipe here for the Curry Greek-Style Yogurt Dip.


Coconut Maple Peanut Butter Dip

Peanut Butter Dip Recipe

image credit: MamaLovesFood

Coconut Maple Peanut Butter Dip (or any butter replacement like almond butter)

Marinara Sauce

 marinara sauce

image credit: gimmesomeoven

Recipe here for Marinara Sauce.

Cocktail Sauce

Cocktail Sauce

image credit: joyfulhealthyeats

Get cocktail sauce recipe here.


Use any ketchup or you can make your own following this recipe for homemade ketchup. Tip: Check your bottle of ketchup to see if it says it has 3 or 4 grams of sugar per tablespoon then that means for every one tablespoon of ketchup your child is eating a teaspoon of sugar! (4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon) Ketchup has become a sugar delivery device. We switched our kids to a sugar-free variety and they never even noticed!

Homemade Ketchup Recipe
Use any ketchup or you can make your own following this recipe for homemade ketchup

Mustard or Honey Mustard

You can make your own honey mustard dip.
Get a homemade mustard recipe

BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce

image credit: Joshua Bousel

Find a number of different homemade BBQ sauce recipes.


 image credit:  Sara Kate Gillingham

Get the recipe


Onion Dip

Homemade onion-dip
image credit: foodnetwork
Get the recipe for homemade onion dip

Pineapple Dip

Pineapple Dip recipe
image credit: morethanamomofthree
Get the recipe for pineapple dip here.


Avocado Hummus 

 Avocado Hummus

Pea Hummus 

 Pea Hummus Recipe
image credit: Raymond Hom
Get the recipe here for the Pea Hummus.

Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus

Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus Dip Recipe
 image credit: Gitana
 Get the recipe here for the Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Get homemade buffalo recipe
image credit: 
Find the recipe here.

Aioli & Flavored Mayonnaise Sauces

Aioli Sauce

Image credit: tastespotting
Get the recipes here. If you have left over egg yolks, here are creative ways to use them.

Wet Sauce

Zaks Sauce

image credit:domesticsuperhero
Get the Copycat Zax sauce here.

Need even more ideas?

Check out this awesome list of additional dip ideas.

What dips do your kids love? What foods are your kid’s favorite to dip?

Share your ideas in the comments.


Dips for Kids: How to Get Even the Pickiest Eater to Eat
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Dips for Kids: How to Get Even the Pickiest Eater to Eat
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