Is My Kid Getting Enough Protein? Infographic

How do you know if your child is getting enough protein? Protein For Kids, Protein For Toddlers

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Getting Enough Protein?  Protein For Kids

A big concern for many parents is knowing if their child is getting enough protein. This infographic outlines the amount of protein a child needs daily. It also lists all the different ways you can add protein to your child’s diet from animal protein, to dairy to plant-based sources.

Scroll down to also find out how much fat and protein are in a variety of milks, including cow, soy, coconut, etc. This information might help you decide which milk to serve your child.

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Daily Needs: Protein For Kids and Protein for Toddlers – Infographic

Is My Kid Getting Enough Protein INFOGRAPHIC from Feeding My Kid. Protein for Kids, Protein for Toddlers, Children Nutrition