Arts and Craft Hacks to Keep Your Kids Entertained!

Moms, you know arts and crafts can be a nightmare! What’s Up Moms gives you some awesome arts and crafts hacks.

While parents love when their kids get creative and stay away from electronics, they know it also means more clean up for them.

Have no fear! These arts and crafts hacks will make life so much easier and the cleanup simpler.

Arts and Crafts Hacks for Painting and Coloring

  • Use soap dispensers for paint. This makes it easier for your kids to get more paint when they need to and creates less of a mess!
  • Placing marbles in between 2 baking pans to create a lazy Susan
  • Muffin tins make great organized and portable art trays
  • Soak dried up markers in water to make water color paints.

Tips for Moms for Arts and Crafts Day

  • Wipe scissors with baby wipes to make cutting duct tape easier
  • Cut through tin foil to sharpen dull knife blades
  • Use denaturedd alcohol to remove crayons and markers from surfaces
  • Use a lint roller to pick up spilled glitter

My favorite trick is using Glad Press n’ Seal as a cover for tables to limit mess (on tables at least!) Once they’re done, peel away, and toss! So easy.

To completely eliminate painting mess, place paper and paint in a gallon Ziploc bag, tape to a surface, and let your kids “finger paint.” So fun, easy, and the best part: no mess!

…And More! Watch This Video For Even More Arts and Crafts Hacks

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These arts and crafts hacks keep your little one's hands cleaner and your home tidier! You'll be able to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.