Gina Fiore

When Did I Become a Real Mom? And How Did I Get Here?

Often when I actually have a second to stop and think, I wonder, "how did I get here?" "How am I the one occupying...

Tips to Enjoy Breastfeeding (When It’s Not Always So Enjoyable)

For my first pregnancy, I spent 9 months dreaming about my baby... what he’d look like; how I would feel about him; and that...

How to Stop Highchair Tantrums with Toddlers

At first, I thought maybe something spooked her, so I put her on my lap and let her eat that way. Then at lunch,...

About Me

Gina Fiore is an Editor and Writer at Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois (Go Cubs!), Gina graduated from Lake Forest College with degrees in communications and religion. She went on to complete her graduate work at DePaul University, obtaining a Master’s degree in secondary education and English Literature. After getting married in Chicago Gina and her husband relocated to Orlando, Florida where she began to focus on her most important job, being a mom. Her kids, Pierce (5) and Emma (almost 3), are the lights of her life. Having dealt with various eating challenges with both kids, she has devoted her time to researching the best practices for overcoming these obstacles. Life Philosophy: Gina believes in everything in moderation and most importantly, enjoying the moments. She strives to share her experiences with others to help eliminate the stresses of picky eating and make mealtime a pleasurable and satisfying experience for the whole family
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