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Crafts For Kids Using Leftover Picnic Supplies. Reuse & Recycle!


Do you have a bunch of leftover plastic silverware, plates, and cups from a picnic or BBQ? Are they just sitting around taking up space and waiting for the next party? Turn them into some fun crafts for kids!

You’ll Need:

  • Leftover plastic forks, paper cups, and paper plates
  • Flowers or leaves
  • Contact paper
  • Hole puncher
  • Electronic tea lights
  • Paint

Use the paper plates to create sun catchers! Just put one layer of contact paper on the plate, place flowers or other leaves on the contact paper, and finish off with one more layer of contact paper. Then hang them up around the house.

Create some pretty paper cup luminaries by simply using a hole punch to poke a number of holes in the cups. This can be difficult depending on your hole puncher, so be sure to help your kids with this part! Once you think you have enough holes, turn the cups over and light up your table with the tea lights.

Create some pretty dandelions using the forks and paint! Take some paper and create the middle circle for the flower. Then dip the forks in the paint, moving with a circular motion to create your dandelion.

Try out these crafts for kids and be sure to post your photos with the hashtag #FeedingMyKid!

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Reuse your utensils and paperware by turning them into crafts for kids! These fun and easy crafts will have your kids entertained.

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