How to Get More Fiber In Your Diet


High Fiber Foods to Get More Fiber in Your Diet

It can be challenging to get enough fiber in your diet. You have to eat fiber with intention, otherwise, it can be challenging to hit your daily requirement. Most processed foods are very low in fiber. Luckily, there are a variety of high fiber foods that you can incorporate in your diet.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is very low in fiber and high in calories. We tried to make it easier for you by curating a number of high fiber snack foods and high fiber add-ins.

These are our top picks for high fiber snacks on the go!

You can sprinkle flaxseed, hemp seeds, and chia seeds on foods you are already making to pump up how much fiber is in the dish.

If you’re not familiar with these foods, you can read more about these superfood add-ins. Scroll down to find some of our top picks.

As mentioned in the video, here are recipes and resources to help you out:


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Find out everything you need to know about high fiber foods focused on getting more fiber in your diet. Check out this informative video!


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