Help Your Kids With Food Textures Through Play [Sensory Play Spaghetti]


Is your child’s sensitivity to textures not allowing him or her to eat a larger variety of foods? Check out our video series on ways to help your child overcome his or her texture issues.

Learn more about helping your child overcome food textures.

One of the best ways to help kids overcome issues with food textures is through play!

Check out our Pinterest board with tons of other sensory play ideas to help with textures.

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Work with the Same Textures

Some kids love crunchy foods, while others have aversions to them. It’s important to start small, so work within your limitations. For example, if your child doesn’t like crunchy foods, then don’t shy away from putting all sorts of different kinds of foods and flavors through the food processor. This way your child still gets the flavor profile of foods, even if it’s not the same texture.

Get creative and work with your child’s texture aversion.
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If your child doesn’t like mashed potato, try potato wedges. Keep introducing some of the same foods in all kinds of different ways using different preparations. Think of all the different shapes and sizes French fries come in.
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Try them all with your little one.