Picky Eating Tools. What to Buy to Get Your Kids to Try New Foods!


If you are struggling with getting your child to eat, you are in good company. As many as 50% of all parents say their child is a picky eater. Check out this great video to help you with your picky eater!

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Picky Eating Tools can take the pressure off your child trying a new food. There are studies that show that when kids feel pressured to eat they will actually eat less! Isn’t that crazy?

Using some of these tools can add a layer of interaction to the food and make eating more fun. This can lower your child’s guard and increase his likelihood of trying new food. Kids learn best through play, so why not encourage your child to play with his food?

On top of using a variety of picky eating tools to help take the stress off mealtime, try offering your child more foods he or she can dip. Kids love to interact with food. Let your child dip everything, if that is what it takes to get him excited to eat healthy!

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Getting a child to eat healthy needs to be a multi-prong approach!

We recommend you read books about healthy eating to help reinforce your message. Find the books we recommend all about food.

If your child watches TV, try to find shows that encourage healthy eating. We curated this list of Youtube videos all about healthy eating.

We also recommend you buy play food that represents the foods you want your child to eat at home for the same reason. If your kids are playing with a lot of junk food toys then you are desensitizing them to junk food and they are more likely to ask for these types of foods when you go shopping. We curated our favorites in our store.

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