Do You Want To Grow Up A Healthy Eater? Read Books About Food


Helping children overcome picky eating is a complex issue. There is no one solution that fits all kids. The good news is that it can be done!!!

The effort you put in now will help set your child on the path to having a healthy relationship with food.

Books are an amazing way to teach children about their feelings, being kind to others and to be open to eating a larger variety of foods. Yes, let’s start using books to help us achieve our goals to get our kids to eat healthy! And, to start understanding how their body works.

Check out this list of books we’ve curated on our Amazon store. We own almost all of these books in our own home. We read a large variety of books and also focus on books about food, gardening and how to overcome picky eating. When we need our kids to be open to trying a new food, we reference a story from one of the books.

One of the biggest ways you can help your kids become great eaters is to reinforce the message and to be consistent. Reading books is a great start!

You can also start a garden with your kids so they can see where food comes from. Find out why I recommend starting a garden with kids.

Make gardening even more fun for kids by buying them their own gardening supplies for kids.

To learn more about our mission about helping the next generation of kids have a healthy relationship with food.


Reading To Kids About Food Is A Great Way to Get Kids Open To Trying New Foods. Find out why by watching this video. Let books help you turn your picky eater into an adventurous foodie.