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Feeding My Kid is Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits

One of the most important lessons we can teach our children is how to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Our Mission is to provide parents the right set of tools and advice to help them navigate the challenging world of feeding their kid healthy foods.

Teaching Kids Healthy Habits is Hard Work

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Our mission to provide parents the right set of tools and advice to help them navigate the challenging world of feeding their child healthy foods.

Each phase of your child’s development can be challenging. Once you master one phase, your tot is ready to move on to the next.

Teaching Kids Healthy Habits is Hard Work

Personally, I’ve found feeding my twins to be the most challenging thing we’ve face and feeding actually tops those sleep-deprived nights trying to settle two babies alone.

It’s scary to think about how much of the groundwork we are laying down for them in these early, formative years. We are here to help you and your child develop a healthy relationship with food that lasts a lifetime.

Picky Eating Help

We want to help picky eaters become adventurous foodies overtime.

Helping Children Lose and Maintain a Healthy Weight

We also want to help children who are overweight learn to eat nutritiously and hopefully, over time help your child reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Benefits of Becoming a Contributor

It’s time we all join forces and change food culture in America!

One of the ways to change food culture is by uniting like-minded individuals.
Our goal is to create one website where all parents can turn to to get advice and tips on how to create lifelong healthy eaters.
We want to unite Authors, Nutritionists, Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Feeding Specialists and parents to give us all a voice.

Are you a feeding expert? Join the conversationMeet the Experts

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We absolutely believe that some children need medical or professional intervention; while, other families just need a little advice and direction.

We are calling all professionals and educators to help share their wisdom with our budding community. Become an expert on FeedingMyKid.com

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We Need Your Perspective!

We need your parenting and feeding advice! That’s where this community comes in. We are here to learn from each other. We are here to get ideas and try new approaches until we find something that works.

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