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Find out how to contribute to Feeding My KidIt’s Time We All Join Forces and Change Food Culture In America!

One of the ways to change food culture is by uniting like-minded individuals. Our goal is to create one website where all parents can turn to to get advice and tips on how to create lifelong healthy eaters.

We want to unite Authors, Nutritionists, Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Feeding Specialists and parents to give us all a voice.

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Feeding is one of the most complex things we do as humans and so much can go wrong. Let’s help those struggling with feeding challenges – while celebrating those making home cooked meals, and those who are making food education a priority.

Let’s turn around obesity trends by working together!

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What’s In It For You?

Feeding My Kid's Blog Marketing Plan

  1. Traffic back to your website, sales (if you have e-commerce on your site) and more brand awareness in general with a niche audience!
  2. Your article, video or recipe contribution will be amplified throughout social media, our website, and on other sites, too.
  3. We will design the images for your article or recipe so it gives it the biggest chance to be successful throughout the social web.
  4. We want you to be successful! The better your article performs the more motivated you will be to continue contributing.
  5. Position Yourself as an Expert. Contribute content. Answer questions on our forum.
  6. It further builds your own credibility. You can share with your network and friends that you’ve been published! Plus, you can now share you’ve been published with your followers, which will continue building your credibility and your audience.
  7. We help you tap into a large audience who wants to get access to your expertise.  If you have something to share, we have the platform to share it.
  8. Be Mentored. Our Editors will review your articles, posts, videos and photos before they are published on the website. Our Editors will provide invaluable feedback you can apply to your own website.
  9. Ability to help a lot of parents with your advice.
  10. Additional Free Advertising Throughout Our Website. Be included in our future Top Experts feature section of the website. Only top contributors can be added to these coveted spots.
  11. Enhanced Website Business Profiles. Customers can search for your practice and profile through our robust website search engine. Those Experts who contribute will get enhanced business profiles. We are working on a website redesign and will have a large section dedicated to promoting experts. The more you contribute the more visibility you will receive throughout our website.

Send us an article or recipe!

Join the Conversation!Change Food Culture in America - One of the ways to change food culture is by uniting like-minded individuals. So overtime we can bring more people along on our journey of healthy eating and healthy living.

It’s easy to contribute just submit an article you’ve written. We’ll review it and if it’s approved, we’ll publish it on our website.

What to Include With Your Article

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Can You Reuse Content You’ve Already Published?

You can use articles you’ve already published on your own website or other websites, but they need to be at least 25% different. Otherwise, search engines will think it’s duplicate content. The titles and paragraph headers need to be different and you should modify the opening few paragraphs so it reads differently from the one you posted, on your site or elsewhere.

You can also easily add recipes to our site, too.

Send us an article or recipe!

Who Can Contribute to Feeding My Kid?

Anyone can contribute who is passionate about improving the lives of children. Are you willing to share your expertise with our community? You have an opportunity to share your expertise with parents all over the world. We are looking for experts to contribute in these areas: nutrition, feeding challenges, parenting advice, medical advice, breastfeeding, etc.

So come and join the conversation! We’d love to hear what you have to say!