Meet Renee Seltzer | Founder of Feeding My Kid

Welcome to Feeding My Kid. I am so happy you are here!

Renee Seltzer Founder of Feeding My KidI am a mom of 3-year old twins and a new baby on the way. After having my twins, who were quickly becoming selective eaters, I knew something had to be done.

It became my passion understanding nutrition, the healing powers of food, and feeding strategies to help overcome my children’s picky eating tendencies.

I took on the crusade to help my own children eat healthier and I realized it doesn’t stop with just my own children. 

I have become a Family Nutrition Educator! I don’t promote diets for kids or any type of eating philosophy over another food philosophy. I make every effort to offer evidence-based advice.

Every child and every family dynamic can vary greatly, you’ll find tons of advice throughout the site. You can pick and choose to test multiple strategies or just one to see which one works best for your situation.

Once I started being truly present to what I was eating, what I was feeding my kids and what food was being marketed to us as healthy, I soon realized the entire system is rigged against parents and kids. The food manufacturers are selling us a bad bill of goods!

Watch This Video To See How My Son’s Allergy Changed My Perspective on Nutrition

Childhood Obesity

Meet Renee Seltzer, Founder Feeding My KidOnce I understood that childhood obesity is at epidemic poportions, and how most children are not eating enough vegetables to nourish their growing bodies, I soon turned into a Momma that was on a crusade to help parents understand how much sugar, food coloring, and preservatives are added to kid’s food.

I understand how frustrating feeding times can be. That’s why I created this community. Together we can solve some of your biggest mealtime challenges.

And, work towards the next generation of kids to be healthier than our generation!