Use Nibble Trays to Help With Picky Eating


It can be hard to get your kid to eat new foods. In fact, studies show that kids need about 30 or more exposures to new foods before they will consider even trying to taste the food. And then they may need even more exposures to the food before they grow to actually like it.

Yikes! That’s a lot of times.

How To Get Your Kids To Try New Foods Without A Fuss!

There are a number of ways to showcase food using specific tools for picky eaters such as topping bars, dixie cups or nibble trays. Today, we are focusing on nibble trays.

Nibble trays are a wonderful way to introduce a variety of different foods to your child without all the pressure. Your child gets to pick from all the different options you presented. This is empowering to children as they get to make more choices! Choices are important because you want them to feel empowered and empowerment leads to good, healthy eating habits.

Remember to offer a large variety of the foods you want your kids to learn to love in your nibble trays.

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