The Five Fastest Food Hacks Revealed


How many nights do you slave away over a stove, wishing you could spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen? How often do you find yourself wasting money on produce that has gone bad or spoiled without warning?

That’s why we’ve found these fool-proof tips to help you get back to being that confident, rock-star mom we all know you can be! Check out these short videos below for the five fastest food hacks to help you save time, money, and your sanity.

From preventing spills to ripening food in double time, you can say goodbye to that unwanted stress over a hassle and mess.

Ripen food faster by placing it in a brown paper bag (bananas, avocados, etc.)


Keep avocados fresh with lemon juice


Top brown sugar with marshmallows (or sliced bread!) to prevent it from sticking together


Save yourself the stench of a rotten egg.



Save time, money, and your sanity with these easy food hacks everyone should know.


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Jessica Melvin is a student of Pediatric Occupational Therapy. She has been interested in the growth and development of infants and children for many years. In 2012, Jessica devoted more than 200 volunteering hours at an orphanage in Costa Rica while simultaneously shadowing an English teacher at the local elementary school. She has worked as the lead infant teacher at a preschool for over 3 years, and she recently spent 9 months nannying twin toddlers. Struggling with weight in her teenage years, Jessica lost nearly 80 pounds due to a change in her diet and an increase in exercise. Her experience has inspired her to help educate the parenting sector about the importance and availability of health conscious decision-making. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys teaching yoga to toddlers and friends, reading inspirational books, and re-creating healthy recipes.