Tips On How to Stop Pregnancy Sickness in its Tracks


Are you suffering from nausea during your first trimester of pregnancy? Are you just not feeling yourself because you’re always feeling sick? Moms know pregnancy sickness stinks!

Check out this great video that’ll help you stay healthy and feel better. These are simple, helpful hacks and tips to help you get through your first trimester of pregnancy sickness.

There are so many helpful tips that will help just about any and every mom!

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 Tips To Stop Pregnancy Sickness In Its Tracks:

  • Keep snacks everywhere so you stay full. You’ll usually feel sick if your stomach starts running on empty. So snack on healthy foods to keep from getting nauseous.
  • Try acupuncture bands! These can help elevate nausea.
  • Put peppermint on a cloth and keep it with you at all times. This nice smell can combat the sickness feeling.
  • Open windows. Fresh air helps you breathe and feel better.
  • Get sleep! This may be hard, but it will help you get through feeling sick.
  • Drink cold drinks! Ice water is best!

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These are simple, helpful hacks and tips to get you through that pregnancy sickness. These tips will help you stay healthy and feel better.
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