Use This Technique to Quickly Comfort Your Fussy Newborn


When babies cry and parents can’t seem to comfort them, it can get stressful. This video shows you how to calm a crying baby in just a few seconds.

Learn How to Calm a Crying Baby Using “The Hold”

Dr. Robert Hamilton Demonstrates how he calms crying babies in his office. You’ll learn how to calm a crying baby fast and effectively.

  1. Gently pick up your baby making sure to support his neck and head.
  2. Fold his left arm over his right arm and secure the arms with your hand. This provides some compression and helps calm the crying.
  3. Grasp the diaper area and keep your arm on his chest. Rock at a 45-degree angle.

Why Does This Work?

Babies are used to feeling comforted by the pressure and feeling of security in the womb. When you place your baby in this hold, he feels comforted similar to when you swaddle him.

Parents know that a baby can cry for anything. It’s such a relief to find something that can actually comfort your baby and still stop the crying.

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Newborns can get fussy. This easy technique from a Pediatrician teaches parents how to calm a crying baby quickly and comfortably.

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