Traveling with a Toddler? Here’s Packing 101 for Kids.


Are you traveling with your kids this year? Packing can get difficult, especially when it’s for babies and toddlers! You never know what they’ll end up needing. These travel packing tips from Elle are super helpful and the perfect way to stay organized.

Travel Packing Tips From Elle:

  • Try on new stuff while you’re still home. That way you know if it doesn’t fit while you’re still a home!
  • Pick clothes that you can mix and match.
  • Limit the shoes you bring. Mix and match those with the clothes, too!
  • Always pack extra clothes (kids can be messy!)
  • Limit bathing suits and jackets (depending on where you’re going)
  • Always be sure to check the weather!
  • Keep organized with plastic bags
  • Unpack right away or as many moms know, it won’t get done at all.

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