Ditch the Sandwich in Your Kid’s Lunchbox. Get New Lunch Ideas


Are you struggling to find quick and easy lunch ideas?

Let’s face it: lunches get boring. Imagine having the same sandwich in your lunchbox day after day.

Preparing lunches daily doesn’t have to be a daunting! There are plenty of easy lunches you can put together that don’t take a lot of effort and keep your kids full all day.

Here’s a list of some quick and easy lunch ideas you can give your kid instead of that boring sandwich.

Easy Lunch Ideas:

  • Don’t forget that last night’s dinner can become tomorrow’s yummy lunch! Quick and easy.
  • Find out what your kid’s friends are eating to get some extra ideas! And, if they are unhealthy options, introduce their parents to Feeding My Kid’s website 😉
  • Pick easy to pack finger foods like carrots and celery which make great sides and snacks.
  • Use a spinach wrap, fill it with turkey, carrots, and cheese. Cut it up in bite sized “sushi” pieces with a side of ranch. Viola! Sandwich “sushi.”
  • Try filling a mason jar with dressing at the bottom and stuff it with lettuce, veggies, and other toppings. Your kid can shake it all up at lunch and have a great tasting salad. Or find a non-breakable container to do the same.
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Check Out These Great Lunch Ideas and Lunch Packing Tips:

Get new lunch ideas for your kid; ditch the sandwich. Get inspired with these great lunch tips and tricks. No more boring sandwiches every day.

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