Preparing Your Kids for a New Sibling. Tips and Tricks.


Are you pregnant with a new baby? It can seem hard to prepare your kid for their new sibling, but don’t feel nervous! You can do it and we can help. We found this video from What’s Up Moms shows parents how they can prepare their kids to start developing a sibling bond right away.

These tips are perfect for kids who are not too keen on the idea of a new sibling. There are lots of cute gift ideas and knick-knacks you can give your older child to encourage him or her to embrace being an older sibling.

Creating and Developing a Sibling Bond for Your Kids:

  • Read books about new siblings to your child. The more tips and advice, the better!
  • Get a babydoll. Show your kid what it’s like to be around a baby.
  • Get your kid a toy from the new sibling. This will “show” them that their sibling loves them!
  • Get your baby a toy from your older child. Your older child can feel like he or she is taking care of the baby, too.
  • Trust in your child to be respectful of his new sibling. Encourage your child to create the older brother or sister role.
  • Always talk up to your child and never down about their new sibling. You can nothing but positivity.

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Learn tips to prepare your child for a new sibling. These tips will help parents develop and foster a sibling bond for their little ones.


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