DIY Jewelry Organizer: Cute and Easy Decorative Wall Organizer


I don’t know about you, but my jewelry is always unorganized. Out of all the cork board ideas I’ve seen, making a DIY jewelry organizer has to be one of the most practical.

You can find a framed cork board at any home supply store or just buy a regular corkboard and follow the same steps below.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Using Cork Board

You’ll need:

  • framed cork board
  • acrylic paint (2 different colors)
  • two 1-1 1/2 inch paint brushes
  • knobs or other decorative hangers you can put on the cork board
  • screws, screwdriver or small drill


  1. Cover the framed part with painter’s tape.
  2. Line your cork board with paint tape. Paint over the area of the cork board you chose for the first color. Allow to dry and then do the same with your second color.
  3. Remove the rest of the painter’s tape.
  4. Place your different knobs where you want them to go. Screw in the ones that require screwing.
  5.  Hang your jewelry in the spots you’d like.

This easy to make DIY jewelry organizer makes a great Mother’s Day present or even a birthday or housewarming gift.

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