Get Your Kids to Eat Beans! Using Pasta


I am passionate about getting my kids to eat nutritiously, while still making mealtimes fun and different.

In the video, I share all these different varieties of bean pastas and other healthy pastas. Bean pastas are pastas made from 100% beans. What a healthy way to get more beans in your diet! Check out all the value picky eating tips. Make sure you check out the whole thing.

Kid’s food doesn’t need to be unhealthy. Why not re-make a childhood favorite, pasta, into something so much healthier.

Try black bean, lentil, soy, oh my! the options are endless.

Not sure where to buy black bean pasta? Here is a list of our favorite bean pastas, rice and quinoa from our Amazon store.

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Here are our top picks for healthy bean pastas: from black bean to whole wheat, quinoa to semolina. There are tons of varieties of healthy pastas to add to your list of healthified foods this year. Each of these pastas were handpicked to help get you and your child the most essential nutrients. These are packed full of minerals, vitamins, complex carbs, fiber and protein.

They’re perfect to serve up during a theme night or for a traditional meal during family mealtime.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your children to eat healthier, that’s why we’re here. Check out our other recipes to help get your kids into the habit of eating better for for them:

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