DIY Tassels. Make Your Own Tassels In Five Minutes


Tassels are a great decoration for all sorts of things! Find out how to make tassels with this video.

Tassels aren’t just for graduation caps. You can put them on your kids’ backpacks or bicycles. Moms can use them as keychains or a cute accessory on your  purse. The possibilities are endless!

The best part about these homemade DIY tassels  is that they cost less than $1 each and take only 5 mins to make. This can be a fun craft to try with kids.

You’ll Need:

  • Cotton twine of any color
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape

How To Make Tassels:

  1. Make the body of the tassel by wrapping the cord around a book. Your tassel will be the length of the book you choose.
  2. Take a separate piece of twine, gather all the cords, and tie it all together at the top.
  3. Secure the top with a second knot.
  4. Cut the loop at the bottom. Don’t worry if it’s not even, it’ll be fixed at the end! You should have a loop and two loose ends.
  5. Take embroidery thread and wrap it around the neck of the tassel. To hide the knot take the piece you have wrapped with and thread it through the loop you created, then pull the other end until the knot disappears. Snip off the ends.
  6. To fix the uneven ends: wrap a piece of painter’s tape and wrap it around the end. Cut right on the tape.

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Learn how to make tassels! These aren't just for graduation caps. Use them as keychains or on bicycle handles. Great for everyone!


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