Get Kids to Eat Healthy Through Play


Watch the Video to Find Out Why Your Kids Should be Playing with Food!

Have Your Kids Play with Food

Studies show that kids who play with food have less of a chance of developing food phobias later on.

Kids Play with Toy FoodHave you kids play with toy food.
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Below, we provide a number of high-quality toy food options to help your child become familiar with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Play is one of the best ways to help children learn. Here are just some of the ways to engage your child in play. You can sort toy fruits and vegetables by color, size, type, count them, etc.

You can pretend to cook the food, play grocery store, roll them around in a grocery chart and pretend to grow them in your garden.
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Tip. Don’t buy toy junk food. Kids get enough exposures to junk food all around them; don’t add to it by allowing toy junk food in the home.

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