Top Rated Toy Food: What to Buy


Have Your Kids Play with Food

Sensory play is so important. Studies show that kids who play with food have less of a chance of developing food phobias later on.

Have you kids play with toy food. Below, we provide a number of high quality toy food options to help your child become familiar with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Play is one of the best ways to help children learn. Here are just some of the ways to engage your child in play. You can sort toy fruits and vegetables by color, size, type, count them, etc. You can pretend to cook the food, play grocery store, roll them around in a grocery chart and pretend to grow them in your garden.

Don’t Buy Toy Junk Food

Kids get enough exposures to junk food all around them; don’t add to it by allowing toy junk food in the home.  Let’s not desensitize kids to these junk foods.

Watch our video all about the benefits of Food Play.

 Happy Playing! See all the great choices below.


 Farmers Market Color Sorting Set

Farmers Market Color Sorting Set - on Amazon for $25.98Get the Farmers Market Color Sorting Set on Amazon for $$25.98


Super Sorter Pie

Play Food- Buy the Super Sorting PieGet the Super Sorter Pie  on Amazon for $17.99


  Food Groups Set

Play Food-Melissa & Doug Food Groups

Get the Food Groups Set on Amazon for $15.99


Peel and Play Set

Play Food-Small World Toys Living - Peel 'N' Play 13 Pc. Playset

Get the Peel and Play Set on Amazon $19.50


  Fresh Fruit Salad Set

Play Food-Learning Resources New Sprouts Fresh Fruit Salad SetGet the Fresh Fruit Salad Set on Amazon for $20.87

 Garden Fresh Salad Set

Play Food-Learning Resources New Sprouts Garden Fresh Salad SetGet the Garden Fresh Salad Set on Amazon for $24.54


 Healthy Breakfast Set

Play Food-Learning Resources New Sprouts Healthy BreakfastGet the Healthy Breakfast Set on Amazon for $13.99


 Lunch Basket Set

Play Food-Learning Resources New Sprouts Healthy Breakfast

Get the Lunch Basket Set on Amazon for $14.99


 Healthy Dinner Basket

Play Food-Learning Resources Healthy Dinner BasketGet the Healthy Dinner Basket on Amazon for $14.99


Grill It! Set

Play Food-Buy Sprouts Grill It! SetGet the Grill It! Set on Amazon for $26.08


Soup’s On! Set

Play Food-Get the Sprouts Soups On! Cooking Set

Get the Soup’s On! Set on Amazon for $21.16


 Farmers Stand Set

Play Food-Farmers Stand-Haba Green Market Lucky Carrots

Get the Farmers Stand on Amazon for $18.54


Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart Play Set

Get  the Shopping Cart on Amazon for $31.99


Cash Register

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash RegisterGet the Cash Register on Amazon for $27.99


Children’s Garden Tool Set

Play Food- Get the Children's Gardening Tool Set

Get the Children’s Gardening Tool Set on Amazon for $16.42


  Bushel of Fruit

Play Food- New Sprouts Bushel of Fruit

Get the Bushel of Fruit on Amazon for $9.57


  Vegetables Playset

Play Food-Life Sized Bag of Vegetables

Get the Life Sized Bag of Vegetables on Amazon for $9.95


 Fresh Picked Fruit and Veggie Tote

Play Food-Fresh Picked Fruit and Veggie Tote

Get the Fresh Picked Fruit and Veggie Tote on Amazon for $19.98


 Deluxe Market Set

Play Food-Get the Deluxe Market Food SeGet the Deluxe Market Set on Amazon for $30


  Pita Pocket Play Set

Play Food-Hape - Playfully Delicious - Pita Pocket - Play SetGet the Pita Pocket Play Set on Amazon for $11.11


Find all of these food play toys plus many more at the Feeding My Kid’s Amazon Store.



Get Kids to Eat Healthy Through Play: Top Rated Toy Food


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