Great Tips for Flying With a Baby or Toddler


Are you going to be flying with a baby or toddler soon? Check out this great video with tips to make sure you have the best travel experience with your kids!

In this video, Elle from What’s Up Moms breaks it down into four different categories: booking a flight, airport security, what to pack, and general flying tips.

Tips When Flying With a Baby or Toddler:

  • Try to schedule your flight around nap time. Avoid red eye flights!
  • Bring proof of age like vaccination records.
  • A light-weight stroller is helpful and can act as your own luggage carrier!
  • Pick an aisle seat in case you need to comfort a crying baby and for easy access for diaper changing.
  • Avoid back of the plane. It gets crowded and smells like the bathrooms!
  • If you have a toddler, their own rolling suitcase can carry their toys and snacks that will help keep them busy.

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Flying with a baby or toddler? Here's a video with some great tips! Learn how to travel efficiently with your little ones and avoid travel stress.

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