New Health Food Store Opens Up. I Love Seeing All the New Health Food Products


I was over the moon to hear that a Chamberlin’s is moving closer to where I live. Not everyone is as lucky to live near a great health food store. As you can tell by my videos, recipes and blog posts, I’m a health food nut. I definitely didn’t start out that way!

I was lucky to be invited on a tour of the new Chamberlin’s, and I jumped at the chance. If you’re interested in a tour, just ask. Chamberlin’s will tour anyone and everyone, so if you’d like the additional guidance, please ask for it.

I was like a kid in a candy store, but this was no candy store. It was my new happy place. I saw a huge selection of healthy on-the-go snacks including nuts, seeds, and seaweed. Since my son has a severe allergy to peanuts, I saw a number of products that we safe for him to eat. I was ready to jump for joy!

Check Out How My Son’s Allergy Started Me On This Road To Better Understanding Nutrition

Healthy On-the-Go Snacks

We eat a lot of whole foods. For those crazy on the go days, I love to pack up some dehydrated fruits and veggies as snacks. On any given day, I have a sandwich bag filled with nuts and seeds in my purse. This way I never feel tempted to eat out of a vending machine.Top Picks: Best On The Go Snacks For Kids

Actually, this all came out of necessity with my son’s allergy. We couldn’t just pick up food at a deli or vending machine. We had to pre-plan our meals and snacks and have extra packed just in case. I created a video about how my son’s allergy inspired our family to eat more nutritiously.

Once I found the right type of healthy on the go snacks, it wasn’t daunting anymore! It became second nature.

Exploring New Foods the Old Fashion Way

Before the store opened, I was buying these foods in bulk online and now I can just run into the store and buy All-Purpose Gluten Free flour, Tiger nuts, Golden berries and try some new type of dehydrated berries that I’ve never heard of like Longan fruit and Mulberries. Here is a list of my favorite Superfood add-ins. Almost all the snack foods I was buying online were available at Chamberlins, plus, some new ones!

Here Are Some of My Favorite High-Fiber Snacks

Pack these types of snacks instead of Goldfish crackers, pretzels, veggie sticks, etc. Find out why by watching the video.

Dehydrated Fruit and Veggies Are So Easy To Pack

My daughter has loved both of the new dehydrated berries that I brought home from my first shopping adventure. My son preferred the Mulberries. He wasn’t a huge fan of the Longan fruit, but kudos to him for trying both of those berries. My twins are huge dehydrated fruit fans. I can normally get them to try dehydrated fruit before I can get my daughter to try real fruit. Seriously, what kid doesn’t eat grapes or pineapple? My 3-year old daughter, but one day…

The Importance of Offering Kids A Lot of Variety

As the Founder of Feeding My Kid, I have realized that variety is one of the most powerful tools in our parenting arsenal to get kids to become adventurous foodies. I try to offer my children as much variety of flavor, texture, smells and preparations I can without making myself batty.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s more about getting into a rhythm and finding the right sources to help. Plus, isn’t having super picky eating who only eats a handful of foods stressful too?

Hopefully, my site is making it a bit easier for all parents to feed their kids more nutritiously.

Not everything I serve my kids is a win, but I get an “E” for effort.

Check out this video I did that uncovers how much sugar children are having in a day. I hope this video series will show you why I think it’s so important we get kids hooked on eating healthier foods as kids. We develop so many of our habits as children. Let’s help our children develop healthier eating habits!

I Needed a Lot of Guidance with Picking Out Kid’s Vitamins

I’ve struggled with figuring out the right vitamins for my kids. The Internet can be so helpful for a lot of things, but I really struggled with picking the right vitamins for my kids. It’s so overwhelming!

I found the people who work at Chamberlin’s to be so helpful! They spent the time to talk to me about a variety of vitamins and which brands are known for having better quality.

I left the store feeling that my search for good quality vitamins for my twins is finally over! And, I even found a probiotic that I like more than what I was offering before.

I’ve heard great things about Elderberry and I had never purchased it until I went there. Since taking it, we haven’t been sick in six weeks. That’s the longest we’ve gone in so long! No idea if it truly works, but I’m not going to stop having the kids take it 🙂 Momma, needs a break from being sick!

I visited this location:

East Orlando Herndon Village Shoppes
4924 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, Fl. 32803

If you have a Chamberlin’s in your area, definitely stop by!

What’s your favorite health store? Do you do most of your shopping online?