It’s Ok If You’re Not a Great Cook. You can still be a hero in the kitchen with your kids.


You don’t have to be an amazing cook to make homemade delicious food for your family! Don’t be intimidated to cook for your family. You can cook! Here at Feeding My Kid we have tons of resources just for you to help get you into cooking. We have recipes and articles on why it’s important to have mealtimes and why you should get your kids in the kitchen cooking with you.

Here Are 7 Great Reasons to Cook at Home:

  • It’s healthier
  • It’s tastier
  • You can control the quality of ingredients, your portion size, calories and the freshness of the food
  • It can be a family bonding experience as you sit for a meal without the additional stimuli of a restaurant
  • It is better on the environment
  • You can focus your attention on teaching your kids texture, taste and pleasure of eating a good meal
  • Kids can help you prepare the meal and/or set the table

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You can cook! Don't be afraid of cooking for your family! It's all takes steps. Check out our video on the seven reasons to cook at home.


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