Helping Kids Become Adventurous Foodies. Inspiring Families to Eat Better.


Check out this video! Want to help your child become an adventurous foodie? Find out how here! One of the most important lessons we can teach our children is how to develop healthy eating habits. We want our kids to have a great relationship with the food they eat.

But for millions of families, mine included, mealtimes can be a real struggle.

I am a mom of twin toddlers. Sometimes more food ends up on the windows than in their mouths. I have twins, so they can, at times, feed off each other’s bad mealtime behavior.

I have found the internet to be helpful with almost everything related to raising my kids, except for how to best feed my twins. So I worked many months, days and nights working on creating this project and now I’m here to share it with you! Let’s take back mealtime and get our kids eating healthy again! Let’s inspire each other to inspire our kids!

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In this video, we will discuss the importance of working together and inspiring healthy eating habits for the whole family!

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