Activities To Help Your Child Get in the Mindset for Having Dinner


Take the Stress Out of Mealtimes. Find Out HowIt sounds silly, but not all kids can transition well from one activity to another. According to the book, Take the Fight Out of Food, some kids need more help transitioning from whatever activity they were doing before dinner to get ready to sit down and enjoy a nice social time with their family at dinner. The author mentions a total of six eating styles that are correlated to a child’s individual temperament.

Some kids have a hard time transitioning into the mindset of mealtime. They are busy playing video games or playing outside and they don’t know how to transition from one activity to another.

For kids that fight to get in the high chair or sit at the table, you may want to start transitioning that child about 30 minutes before mealtime. Here are some ideas on how to transition him or her into the mealtime mindset.

This can help to take some of the stress out of mealtimes for you!

Help in the Kitchen to Help Prepare the Food

You can ask your child to help you make the meal. This is a great way for him or her to start thinking about food. You can ask him to help you with simple tasks around the kitchen or you can make up tasks for your child to do.

Ask Your Child to Help Set the Take the Stress Out of Mealtime with these tipsTable

Ask your child to help set the table to get ready for the meal. You can lie out the cutlery and utensils for him. If he is too young, you can ask him to help with child safe cutlery, unbreakable dish ware, and napkins. Sometimes your child might make a big mess, but it starts to help build the habit and expectation that he or she will need to help you set the table before the next meal starts.

Grab Some Herbs from the Garden

Do you have a garden? Can you ask your child to get an herb or vegetable from the garden? Or can he help tend to it before mealtime? This is another great segue to get him or her thinking about food.

Watch this Video to Find Out Why Everyone Should Garden With Their Kids

Ring a bell

Sounds silly, but try ringing a dinner bell. This tells your child that dinner is ready. Plus, it can be a fun memory to look back on as he gets older.

Do you have other ideas on how to transition your child to think about mealtime?  Share your ideas.


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Many parents will take mealtime is the most stressful time of the day for them. Find out how to Take the Stress Out of Mealtimes.


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