Healthy Egg Muffins For Those Busy Mornings. Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipe!


Egg Muffins are a Simple and Healthy Breakfast

Maria Rivera shows us how she makes her healthy egg muffins.

You can fill your egg muffins with whatever you like but we recommend lots of veggies! Spinach is great for these along with peppers, mushrooms, and even broccoli! Fill these up with veggies for a fiber and vitamin-packed breakfast.
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The best part about these egg muffins is that you can grab a couple on your way out to work or school.
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They’ll keep in the fridge for about 5 days, so you can make these over the weekend and have them ready throughout the week.

For your protein, you can add in ham, turkey, sausage, chicken, bacon – whatever you like! Try to go for nitrate-free options for an even healthier breakfast.

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