Nutrition Videos for Kids: How to Encourage Healthy Eating


How To Develop Healthy Eating Habits In Children

Kids learn best through play and repetition. Getting kids to have healthy eating habits needs to be a multi-prong approach where food becomes a big part of a child’s everyday life.

Below are a number of nutrition videos for kids curated from YouTube that you can watch with your child to promote healthy eating. This is where repetition comes into play. You can talk about healthy eating while you are cooking with your kids or you can play grocery store and watch videos promoting healthy eating. When talking about healthy eating, it doesn’t need to be complicated or boring! You can just talk about eating an apple and sing a song from one of the videos below while you are cutting up the apple for a snack.

In our home, we always talk about all the food that Cookie Monster loves to eat including broccoli, fish, nectarines, etc. I know he eats cookies (and lots of them!), but I like to talk about the larger variety of foods Cookie Monster also eats.

In other articles, we share the importance of food play and why we encourage playing with toy produce and healthy foods versus junk food.

We Also Encourage Families To:

  • Grow a garden with kids
  • Grocery shop with your kids in tow
  • Cook with kids
  • Engage in imaginary play with food: i.e. grocery stores, kitchen, cooking
  • Sensory play with food

Having your kid’s watch videos promoting healthy eating is also a great way to counteract all the junk food advertising children get exposed to daily.


Sesame Street: The Most Important Meal Song


Sesame Street: Big Bird Visits A Farm


The First Lady, Elmo, and Rosita Partner to Encourage Healthy Food Choices for Kids


Different Cartoon Characters Eating


Sesame Street – “A Cookie is a Sometime Food”


Sesame Street: Mrs. Obama Plants a Garden


Sesame Street – Eat Your Colors


Fruit Rhymes


Sesame Street – Healthy Food


Sesame Street: Healthy Snack Choice


Sesame Street: Which Foods Begin with the Letter P?


Sesame Street: Elmo’s World: Food, Water & Exercise!


For older kids these videos breakdown nutrition

Part 1: Kids Nutrition Video – How is too much **Sugar** bad for my body?


Part 2: Kids Nutrition Video – Good Fats vs Bad Fats!!


Part 3: Kids Nutrition Video – The Dangers in Processed Foods?


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Nutrition Videos for Kids: How to Encourage Healthy Eating
Nutrition Videos for Kids: How to Encourage Healthy Eating

Watching nutrition videos for kids is a great way to help you little one develop healthy eating habits and encourage healthy eating