Homemade Pasta Sauce Loaded With Veggies. I mean loaded!

Easy and Veggie Filled Homemade Pasta Sauce

Making your own pasta sauce seems difficult but it’s actually very easy. This homemade pasta sauce is super easy and filled with veggies. Did you know that store-bought pasta sauce has a ton of added sugar and preservatives in it? While delicious, it’s not always the healthiest option.

The veggies give this sauce a different consistency than regular pasta sauce so it might take a couple times for your little ones to get used to it. But after a while, you won’t even notice the difference! This sauce is so flavorful and rich you won’t miss that store-bought stuff.

Use this on your pasta dishes or oven on your pizza! This is a great dip for bread sticks, pita chips, or garlic knots. Yum!

A good tip for parents is to serve some of the veggies this homemade pasta sauce has on the side of their meals. Try giving your kids some butternut squash and even some bell peppers on the side. That way they’ll learn to love those veggies when they aren’t hidden.

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Use Your Homemade Pasta Sauce on These Recipes:


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Homemade Pasta Sauce Loaded With Veggies. I mean loaded!
Homemade Pasta Sauce Loaded With Veggies. I mean loaded!

Maria Rivera shows us how she makes her homemade pasta sauce. It's loaded with veggies and tastes amazing. The perfect excuse to add in some veggies!