How to Get Kids to Eat Healthier Series: Kids Eating Vegetables


Kids Vs. Food: Vegetable Delights

Do you want your kids to eat vegetables? Then have them watch this video of kids eating vegetables! There is a study that shows if a child watches other children eat fruits and vegetables, then they are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables within the next week.

What does this mean?

It means that you can get your kids eating healthy if you show them videos of other kids eating healthy!
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 So watch this video with your kid today and get him eating vegetables.

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This is a must share! Vegetables for kids! Want your kids to eat vegetables? Teach your kids how to eat more vegetables and fruits. Watch these videos with your kids of children eating veggies and fruits and get your kids to eat veggies and fruits. Find out how it works here. Feeding My Kid is a filled with all the information you need about how to raise your kids, from healthy tips to nutritious recipes. #pickyeating #getkidstoeat #vegetables #nokidsmenu

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